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Introducing the Dynamic Sustainability Lab

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Founded in 2021 by Dr. Jay Golden, the Dynamic Sustainability Lab (DSL) at Syracuse University examines the opportunities as well as risks and unintended consequences resulting from the rapid transition to a new generation of sustainable technologies, business strategies and public policies for a net-zero carbon economy.

The DSL focuses on providing interdisciplinary data-driven scientific approaches that support organizations in realizing sustainability transition opportunities by identifying the dynamic risks and developing strategies and tools to achieve success.

Supporting Industry, Government & the Media

The Dynamic Sustainability Lab is supporting numerous global businesses and government agencies as well as international media with various topics within technology, energy and biobased transitions.

Additionally, the Dynamic Sustainability Lab develops and posts general interest technical bulletins as well as support energy, climate and sustainability reporters with in-depth data research. To learn more about the DSL’s Technology, Energy and Biobased transitions research go to:

Meet Dr. Jay Golden

The Dynamic Sustainability Lab’s Founder & Faculty Director, Dr. Jay Golden, is the inaugural Pontarelli Professor of Environmental Sustainability and Finance in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. Receiving his Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Cambridge, and his master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development from a joint Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Cambridge program, Dr. Golden mixes academia with professional experience. Having served as a faculty mentor, corporate and university executive and director of multiple research centers, he is a leading voice in global sustainability efforts.

Previously a faculty member at Duke University and Arizona State University, Dr. Golden is a frequently called upon speaker who has authored over 150 articles and has done over 100 media interviews worldwide, as well as testifying before Congress. He founded and co-directed the Sustainability Consortium and directed the National Center of Excellence on SMART Innovations.

His expertise has earned him numerous accolades, including the Aspen Institute Faculty Pioneer Award for Sustainable Research and Education, placement on the list of the 100 most influential people in business ethics by Ethisphere Institute, as well as an appointment to the US EPA Board of Scientific Counselors, and Section Editor-in-Chief: Sustainability & Reverse Logistics. Dr. Golden is regularly called upon to consult and give talks to businesses and governments around the world.

Dr. Golden can be contacted at

Meet the Research Team & Advisory Council

At the heart of the lab are the highly motivated interdisciplinary graduate and undergraduate student researchers from across Syracuse University. They bring to bear a wealth of technical expertise including computer sciences and engineering, public policy, supply chain, sustainable sciences, physical & life sciences as well as communications.

Supporting the research and outreach direction are industry leaders who have formed our external Advisory Council. As an integral part of both the Dynamic Sustainability Lab’s approach and commitment to sustainability, the Council’s members are dedicated individuals with expertise across an array of sustainability driven global organizations spanning from retail, manufacturing, energy, chemicals to finance and insurance.

To learn more about Dynamic Sustainability Lab’s Advisory Council and partners, visit

Stay Informed & Get Involved

The Dynamic Sustainability Lab will be regularly posting general interest information in the sustainability sector. To stay up to date, join the DSL on Twitter @DynamicsLabSU and on LinkedIn. The DSL is ready and available to support public and private decision makers and the media. Over the upcoming weeks, the DSL will continue to disseminate various technical bulletins and reports which include data rich research and data visualizations to inform key decision makers. This month, discover new research findings on Critical Minerals and Sustainable Fuels in the aviation sector.



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