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Recent Reports

Dr. Golden is the author of over 150 peer-reviewed articles and technical reports as well as published general interest articles and Op-Ed pieces. 

Attached are some of his recent reports.


GC3 Report Shows Significant Rise in Green Chemistry-Marketed Product Sales

Share of green chemistry-marketed personal care and household products grew 12.6 times faster than conventional counterparts from 2015 to 2019.


Economic Impact Analysis of the U.S. Biobased Products Industry

The report demonstrates that the biobased industry is a substantial generator of economic activity and jobs, and that it has a significant positive impact on the environment.


Making Sure the Blue Economy is Green: Nature Ecology

Given the growing and seemingly limitless capacity to industrialize the oceans, there is a need to reimagine how to effectively measure, monitor and sustainably manage this seventy-one per cent of the Earth's surface.


Sustainability in an Urbanizing Planet:  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Sustainability science is use-inspired fundamental research that links knowledge to action such that meeting the needs of society can be balanced with sustaining the life support systems of the planet. Nowhere is this action-oriented research needed more than in urban areas that are now home to more than half of the world’s population, generating about 80% of the world’s economy as well as over 70% of global energy use and global energy-related emissions.

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