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Daria Latvis

Battery Manufacturing

Lithium-ion batteries are vital to ensuring the success of the global electric vehicle (EV) transition. Due to their high power to weight ratio, high energy efficiency and high temperature performance, they have been a popular source of providing energy storage for both vehicles and intermittent renewable energy sources. Many manufacturers have been expanding their manufacturing capabilities within Europe and the United States to compete with China’s dominating market and in anticipation of accelerated growth within the lithium-ion batteries. Government policies and commitments to ban internal combustion engines (ICE) has also influenced auto manufacturers to begin investing resources within the electric vehicle space.


Battery chemistries have and will be continuously researched to ensure the safest, cheapest, and ethically mined battery technologies are on the market. Research has also driven battery prices to fall and soon create competitive prices between EVs and ICEs. The success of producing affordable and safe battery technology will allow the transportation sector to reduce their carbon emissions and advance the economy’s clean energy.



Syracuse University

Daria is a senior at Syracuse University pursuing a dual degree in Supply Chain Management and Environment, Sustainability, and Policy with a minor in German Studies. She is a passionate young professional who is driven by problem-solving and system thinking approaches in leading the way towards global sustainable transitions. Daria sees the driving importance of data in accelerating government and company climate commitments and analyzing the environmental and social risks and unintended consequences of climate transitions. She strives to work for an organization who prioritizes environmental and social justice into everyday practice.


Her love for outdoor sports has allowed her to see the importance of preserving our natural world and is eager and excited to make this a priority within her career.

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