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Biobased Economy Transition

The largest crop in the United States is corn and over 30% of grown corn in the United States is used for ethanol. What risks are there for the American farmer and rural America resulting from the EV and energy transitions and what opportunities are there for American agriculture and regenerative/precision practices in supporting sustainable vehicle and aviation fuels, biobased consumer products, green chemistry and low carbon energy?



Economic Impacts of the US Biobased Products Industry

This is annual report on the economic and job benefits of the U.S. Biobased Products industry including case study examples of how companies are transitioning to biobased consumer products.


Bioindicators of the US Economy

An annual report that details the growth of the broader Biobased economy that also includes energy, fuels, products, chemicals etc.  It details trends and environmental benefits. 

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Business Case of the Green Chemistry Industry

This recently released report led by Dr. Golden with partners at Duke University, New York University, North Carolina State University and the University of Massachusetts - Lowell details how industry, new government policies and consumer spending habits are driving the Green Chemistry industry.


Sustainable Aviation Fuels Technical Bulletin

The global commercial airline industry in 2021 made bold commitments to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.  Sustainable Aviation Fuels will play a critical role in this transition.  

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