What will the EV transition and net zero carbon commitments made by both public and private organizations mean for our legacy energy system focused on the utilization of fossil fuels for transportation and electricity generation? 


In order to accomplish national and state net zero carbon emission commitments, there is a great demand for the development of new renewable energy generation.  This is likely going to be met by a unprecedented expansion of off-shore wind generation in the United States as well as significant investments in electricity transmission, distribution as well as energy storage.

Implications for the US Gas Station & Convenience Store Industry
Allyson Goldberg, Dr. Jay Golden

Until 2050, the U.S. will experience an infrastructural transition away from common fueling methods towards widespread accessible EV charging. This report will explore elements of the transition such as legacy industry statistics and trends, environmental threats such as CO2 emissions and leaking underground storage tanks (USTs), EV charging business models and related policy needs.

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